Нашият екип

Ivona Kulichova

Casino & Affiliate Communication Lead

Ivona leads the team of Casino Guru’s casino and affiliate communication specialists. She is responsible for leading the communications department within the affiliate team, addressing specific issues with the finance department, and liaising with relevant and influential individuals and companies in the industry to establish and maintain meaningful relationships with partners.

Ivona loves to travel and meet new people. Before she joined our team, she worked as a realtor in Budapest for five years. She was the right-hand woman for a local branch of a UK company for four years. Lastly, she spent four months working on a cruise ship - a tenure that would have lasted longer if she were not prone to being seasick.

Ivona loves many things in her personal life, including traveling, reading books, watching Marvel movies and comedies, music and dancing, everything esoteric, and all living things (except for spiders and mosquitoes). However, she does warn that she has a bit of a warrior princess Xena edge, so you best stay on your guard.

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